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Fusion splicing

When we perform a fibre installation, all of our terminations and connections are fusion spliced.

Fusion splicing the overview

When you want to terminate a fibre or splice two together, you have two options...

First, you have mechanical splicing. This involves crude devices that merely "hold" the two fibre ends adjacent to one another to allow light to pass through, but don't actually join the fibres together. Subsequent manual

handling of the splice can displace the fibres and cause a significant increase in optical loss. The alternative, is the sci-fi sounding solution of Fusion Splicing: creating a high performance joint between two fibres using the heat created by an electrical arc.

Strip-clean-cleave-splice in a matter of minutes.

how does it work?

Fusion splicing at a glance

Preparing the fibre

  • First of all, the two fibre ends are stripped of their protective casing and insulation.
  • Next, the exposed fibres are cleaned — simply, with alcoholic wipes.
  • Finally, each fibre is precisely cleaved (at 90 degrees perpendicular to the axis) to create the ideal flat surfaces that will form the basis for the joint.

The fun part (the splicing)

  • The two prepared fibre ends are placed into a splicing machine, where a robotic process aligns the each fibre in the x,y,z plane.
  • Once perfectly aligned, an electrical arc fuses the fibres together, creating a joint that is often stronger than the fibre itself.
  • The exposed fibre is then protected by a heat-shrunk splice protector.
Cleaving the exposed fibres and using a fusion splicing machine to create an optimum joint.

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