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IP Transit

CONNECT... A 10 Gigabit enabled network, diligently engineered to give you dependable and low latency connectivity.

IP Transit the overview

Our tried-and-true, low-latency IP transit service gives you dependable global reach at a price that will help you to get the most out of your IT budget.

Ninety percent of our traffic is exchanged over peering for the best possible efficiency and performance. And those peering relationships are at the largest exchanges in the world: LINX and AMS-IX.

The remaining 10% of our traffic is routed by high quality Tier 1 carriers, such as Level 3.

We deliver the reassurance of generous overheads on backbone links: we run at less than 80% capacity to rule out congestion.

Plus, we’ve got much sought-after peering with the key eyeball network providers, including both BT and Virgin.

what you can expect

Key Features

  • Converged services so you can take multiple services on one port, including IP transit, P2P and leased lines, delivered in separate VLANs
  • You're in control with real time traffic graphs, self service reverse DNS, and configurable email/SMS network alerts
  • Bursting capability for ultimate flexibility
  • Fast installation: we're ready as soon as you have your cables
  • No aggregration switches: all customers are connected to routers
  • 24/7 monitoring, fault resolution and technical support
  • Less than 0.5% packet delivery loss target, and a 99.95% money back SLA
  • Flexible range of bandwidths and billing options
  • Unlimited IP assignments (subject to RIPE guidelines)
  • Dual stacked IPv4/IPv6
  • DDoS detection and diagnosis included
  • Juniper-only: it's all we use

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Client testimonial

Having absolute confidence in a network provider is very reassuring. I am happy to say that by choosing Internet Connections we have this assurance.

Simon Chappell, Backup Technology

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