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HD CCTV: IP Surveillance

Comprehensive HD coverage with every
angle covered.

HD CCTV the overview

If only you could see everything that goes on at your workplace or business. Absolutely everything that happens, 24/7. And be able to keep all of that on record, and go back to exact points in time, and even "smart-search" for specific events that took part in specific places. No problem: modern IP

surveillance can give you the global insight to help protect your employees, customers and business, improve security, promote productivity and comply with regulatory obligations. And this isn't just CCTV, it's HD CCTV — giving you extraordinary detail for the most demanding of scenarios.

what you can expect

Comprehensive service for comprehensive CCTV coverage

Week 1: Defining the operational requirement of your CCTV system

  • What is the purpose of your surveillance? How big is the area that you need to cover? What level of detail do you need to capture? Who needs management access and where from?
  • Once we've captured this basic information, we'll be able to give you an idea of what's involved, along with some early indicative costs.

Week 2: On-site survey and technical specification

  • To ensure that you end up with a CCTV system that will perform to the levels required, an on-site survey is essential. This will allow us to determine the specification and number of cameras that will need to be deployed. For example, do they need to be weather proof? What are the lighting conditions? What field of view is required? What kind of obstacles might be present?
  • We'll also need to consider with you the volume of data that's likely to be captured in a given time, and reach decisions on striking the right balance between image resolution/frame-rate and storage requirements for archive purposes.
  • With these answers covered, we'll draw up a detailed proposal with final costings.

Week 3: Installation, validation testing, training and handover

  • We'll order your kit (cameras, switches, storage and cabling) before scheduling visits (often more than one are required) to carry out the installation for you.
  • We'll also make sure you're complying with the Data Protection Act (1998) and supply the required signage so that staff, visitors and customers are aware of your CCTV system.
  • Once everything is up and running, we'll take you and your team through how to use your new system: from day-to-day monitoring through to footage search/recovery and storage management.

Ongoing support

  • We can provide the service as a one-off consultation and installation, or we can be retained on an annual support and maintenance arrangement — whichever suits your requirement.

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Client testimonial

We were already happy to work with Internet Connections from previous experience, and we got what we expected. Everything was clearly defined and explained as the project developed, while the system was delivered efficiently and with flexibility in terms of when the work took place, which was important to us in our operational environment.

Adrian Corke, Managing Director, Staffordshire Brewery

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