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Get Connected, Stay Connected.

Some might call it a compulsion.

Others would call it an unhealthy obsession. We prefer to look at it as painstaking attention to detail. Network resilience is something that we take seriously at Internet Connections.

For our customers, connectivity is the lifeblood of their business. Whether they use it for site-to-site communication, or for delivering reliable uptime to countless customer websites and their untold revenues — a dependable service is absolutely critical not only to their direct success and reputation, but also to the success of their customers.

Such is our integral role in this grand scheme of things, we think our fixation with reliability serves our customers well.

The big picture

Our comprehensive network features data centre Points of Presence at the key UK Internet connectivity hubs of London and Manchester, from where we offer our leased line, P2P ethernet and IP transit services.

Network topology

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