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Leased Lines

Starting at £349/month for 100Mbps dedicated Internet connectivity

Leased Lines the overview

Sometimes, off-the-shelf broadband for civilians just doesn't cut the mustard: as a business, you need something more. Most of us have been there: the painful frustration of an intermittent connection that drops out when you need it most. Leaving large files to (hopefully) transfer over night. No sign of the advertised speeds that promised to accelerate your day. And what about the all important question of security?

With our leased line solutions (sometimes known as "private circuits"), you get what you pay for.

It really is as simple as it sounds: guaranteed (with an uptime SLA), managed, secure internet connectivity that's dedicated to you (goodbye to slowdown during peak times) with connection speeds exactly as promised — all we need to know is how fast you'd like to go.

how much does it cost?

Getting a Leased Line Quotation

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2. Select your connection type: ?

Please indicate whether you want straight forward Internet access from one site, or a point-to-point connection between two sites:

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3. Site details

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4. Bandwidth: 100Mbps

Use the slider to tell us how fast you'd like to go (download and upload are the same).

5. Contract Term: 36 months

In case you were wondering, the longer the term, the greater the discount!

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Client testimonial

Having absolute confidence in a network provider is very reassuring. I am happy to say that by choosing Internet Connections we have this assurance.

Simon Chappell, Backup Technology

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