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OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer) testing

Use our OTDR benchmarking service with your fibre installation to make sure it's fit for purpose.

OTDR testing the overview

It's a bit of a mouthful, but it saves a whole lot of time when you're on a fault-finding survey of your fibre plant. And if you've just completed a fibre installation of your own, OTDR testing will allow you to certify that your new cabling meets the quality and performance specifications you need.

OTDR testing will give you a visual profile of your fibre infrastructure with feedback on your cabling, connectors and splices — allowing you (or us, if you choose) to diagnose and resolve the causes of undue signal degradation.

how does it work?

OTDR testing at a glance

Mapping your fibre plant

  • Unlike the optical loss reports that you would obtain through insertion-loss testing (which provide accurate information about the attentuation, length and polarity of a fibre span) OTDR testing is used to certify the integrity of fibre plant.
  • An OTDR device does this by sending a pulse down a fibre, and measuring return signals from fibre backscatter, reflections from connectors and loss from splices.
  • The resulting "trace" or "signature" is represented by a series of events (e.g. spikes) on a visual display (see below for a typical example).
  • What you're left with is a profile of your fibre length, where link components such as connectors and splices (as well as irregularities caused by the cable itself) are mapped for simplified location if remedial action is required.
A simple example of an OTDR trace

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